Davina –

Bobby is a busy man. He is bombarded with work (Wordsmart Corp), school (for the CPA), studying (for school), being a father (to a very cute son), being a husband (to his one and only), volunteering (at church as a parking lot greeter), and a follower (of Christ Jesus our Lord).

Harry is a busy baby. He has a schedule to stick to: wake up Mommy at the crack of dawn (as early as 6am), poke her until she gets up (literally), wet diaper change (times 100), stinky diaper change (luckily only once a day), play time (on the floor with all his toys surrounding him), mess with the home phone (his favorite toys are the ones that are not his, aka the phone), eat (he loves to eat), eat some more (rice cakes are his favorite snacks), being Mommy’s favorite person ever (he is the joy of his parents life!), go for a walk (usually he is strapped in the ergo, sometimes the stroller), being read to (he loves books), looking cute (he is a pro at this), nap time (twice a day), cry (come on, every baby is fussy now and then!), getting kissed every other second (by Mommy), getting cuddled (by Mommy), terrorize Birdknee (actually sometimes Birdknee whistles to him but Harry still does not understand what “gentle” means), clothes change (screaming till its over), bath time (plays with the rubber ducky), and finally bed time (around 7pm).

Davina (me) is a busy woman. She has Harry’s schedule to follow, abide to, chase after, practice patience with, cry about, tend to, and look forward to nap times….Then finally bed time.

WELCOME to a day in the life of the Krause Family Household.Image

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Mind Blowing

Davina –

As I was making cookies I noticed Harry, who was on my hip, was nodding off to sleep! Oops…nap time! So, currently Harry is peacefully sleeping in bed. As I watch him breath heavily, I am amazed at the fact that he is MY baby! Only 8 months ago he was born! It is, and I assume will always be, mind blowing. I love this child more than I ever thought possible.

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