Tiny Bubbles

Davina –

“Tiny Bubbles, in the wine (well more like in the uterus lol), make me happy, make me feel fine! Tiny bubbles make me warm all over! With the feeling that I’m gonna love you till the end of time.” Rapsody- Tiny Bubbles

Today, roughly around 8:30am I felt for the first time my baby kicking! The first thing it made me think of was this song, “Tiny Bubbles” because it felt like just that. Tiny bubbles…then a “POP!” Over and over again. Like there is a bubble making machine in my body and they just POP at the top.

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Doughnuts and Coffee

Bobby –

This morning Davina and I woke early with plans to have a little date at the local doughnut shop. We arrived at just past six and ordered coffee, milk (2%, because 1% wasn’t available…obviously) and three doughnuts. We exchanged pleasantries with the owner, sat at the two stools at the far edge of the counter and ate. Two things I’ve learned today: 1) Guatemalan New Year’s is celebrated in April according to a lunar calendar. 2) My wife loves Guatemalan karaoke.

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Coffee Shop with My Wife

Bobby –

I have a men’s study on Saturday mornings. We gather to discuss and help each other with the challenges common to all people. One of the questions this Saturday was, “What is your most valuable possession?” For my father-in-law it was his Bible. For another man, it was his home. I greatly appreciate both of these answers. A Bible in the hands of a man of God becomes a tool for wisdom, power, communion and life while the home is a dwelling unlike any other that expresses who you are. “Would you like to come to my home?” is rather like asking, “Would you come and dwell with me and my own for a time?” But what about me? My wife is my most valuable possession. By promise, her body is as my own body till death parts us. Her soul is mine to wash and nourish as my own soul. And her heart is mine to win daily with my own blood.

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Strolling Along

Davina –

Let’s see…nothing really new to post. Just strolling along in life. I wrote four letters yesterday while Bobby was studying for his classes (to prepare for the CPA exam). We (we meaning Bobby) are going to be really busy with these classes, they take up all of our free time. But it is totally worth it at the end. Next month (May 16th) is the day (Lord willing) we have planned to find out the baby’s sex!! Super excited for that!! I REALLY want to know if it is a boy or a girl. Anyways, that is pretty much it.

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Yummy Cravings

Davina –

Today Bobby and I were reminiscing on our honeymoon and how amazing it was…we got to sleep in everyday, it was stress free, watch movies in bed, and eat out everyday. This conversation reminded me of this hamburger joint we went to almost all the time that week. We ordered the same thing every time. Barbecue cheeseburger. Amazing.

Anyways, after talking about this I had a sudden craving for that exact cheeseburger. Well, I wasn’t able to go out and buy one so I opened the refrigerator and put my mind together. I found tortilla, cheese, chicken, and barbecue sauce. So I made myself a chicken quesadilla with barbecue sauce. It hit the spot. After one bite I was so satisfied. I made two and wanted more so I went back to the refrigerator and found that I had used all the cheese. I thought to myself, “I cant have it without cheese!!” So I opened the pantry and saw the tapioca box. Hence, I made tapioca pudding. 🙂 yummy.

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A Very Unsuccessful Morning

Davina –

Soo, I get up this morning, eat breakfast at 8:00am, get ready and rush to the car at 8:55am to be at Kelly Elementary School at 9:00am (every tuesday and wednesday I help out in my old 3rd grade teacher’s 3rd grade classroom). Well I get to the school and I notice there are NO cars in the parking lot. “Hmmm, interesting” I think….then it hits me: SPRING BREAK. I turn around and start driving back, slightly annoyed.


Since I am already up I decide to go on a run. I get to my room, change into running clothes, throw on my shoes, say bye to Birdknee, and Im on my way outside. “Its a perfect morning for a run” I think, then Im off. I run maybe 500 meters and I start to gag, “oh no!” I think. I feel like I need to throw up! So I turn around and start running home…I run maybe 3 more steps and its too late. All of my breakfast went from inside me to the floor. I felt the cars slow down and whisper “poor thing”…it was embarrassing and gross. I was forced to walk the rest of the way back: VERY annoyed. Especially since the same exact thing happened to me yesterday on my attempt to run.

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Broad Brush Strokes

Bobby & Davina –

Since moving to Carlsbad, Bobby and Davina have collectively been hired for two jobs, fired (ahem…’let go’) from one job (that leaves one of us employed). One baby has been made (though technically the product of San Francisco) and we have found a wonderful church (Camino Real in Vista, CA). There’s a Bible study Wednesday nights at the Pastor’s house and sometimes potluck in what seems to be the backcountry of San Diego. Bobby and Davina are more in love than ever and plan multiple dates throughout the week.

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A Sick Day

Davina –

So, yesterday was in interesting but amazing day. The reason why I say “interesting” is because Bobby and I happened to be sick at the same time! And the reason why I say “amazing” is because he stayed home from work! I got to hang out with him alone all day! Besides the flu like symptoms, it was so nice to have him home with me. We bought these delicious (but bad for you) frosted cake cookies and stayed in bed eating junk and watching documentaries. We watched a little bit of this insect documentary but I was so grossed out with close up videos of ants and seeing them crawling around that reluctantly Bobby turned it off lol. I should get over myself and watch it with him, he thinks its cool. But anyways, we watched this great documentary called “The Star of Bethlehem.” It was about the star that guided the wise men to Jesus (DUH). It talked about how the star was real and shows proof as to which star it was that shined so brightly that night. Check it out at http://www.bethlehemstar.net

Anyways, we were sick all last night but thankfully God healed us today. Meaning, Bobby felt healthy enough to go to work and I feel healthy enough to not just lay in bed all day lol. I still have a really stuffy nose and less energy than normal but im alright. 🙂

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