My Husband, Bobby

Davina –

What a long day! Harry woke me up so early this morning and had a few fussy outbreaks. I love that kid but it was nice finally putting him down to sleep. Its Birdknee and me time and all I can do is eagerly wait for my dear husband’s return. I love him so much. He is AMAZING. Seriously, the way he treats me is better than I could have wished it for myself. He is slow to anger, full of love, and quick to forgive……JUST like Jesus! The Bible tells us that husbands are supposed to love their wives as Christ loved His bride. And I can happily say that Bobby loves me just like that. In his actions, his words, his thoughts. He daily dies to himself to show me Jesus through the way he loves me. And I do see Him. I am very blessed.

“I love you Bobby!!!”

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Early Bird

Davina –

Harry woke up at 4:30 this morning. And he is the kind of baby who does not like staying in bed a second longer than he has to. So…here I am, wide awake with my early bird. Im hoping he goes back to sleep so that I may be able to sneak in some snooze time with him. Well, I gotta go…duty calls.

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My Wonderful Wife


I can’t help falling deeper in love with her at every turn.

What wife says in her heart, “Wherever you lead me, I will follow.” Surely, many say it with their lips, but my wife truly follows me. She doesn’t doubt me or question me. If she has reservations, she helps me. If she is right and I wrong, she doesn’t chide me. She doesn’t keep score and she doesn’t protest or complain. She laughs with confidence at tomorrow’s problems and she covers today’s with love. She trusts in God and prays for me. And I know because Jesus answers her. She follows close behind me and helps me lead her and my family. She isn’t weak. She doesn’t just blindly accept. No, she is strong and has counsel and wisdom and knowledge; but never openly or before the eyes of others. She doesn’t bring attention to herself. She really is my crown. She is with me and empowers me and gives me strength. She is beautiful.

The Bible says that the woman is the weaker vessel and that women are not to teach or to have authority over a man, that she is to be in submission to her husband and to respect him and his authority. My wife does all of these faithfully – and you know what? It makes her shine. It makes her more beautiful and more powerful and have more authority and more respect than ever possible.

I love you Davina. Thanks for our first full year together. To many more, in Christ.


Your husband,


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