It’s a BOY!

Davina –

Bobby and I eagerly drove to our doctor appointment because we were just about to find out what sex our baby was! Before our name was called, we both took turns guessing the sex of our baby. I guessed a boy and he guessed a girl (I like the fact that I was right lol). Soon after that, we were called in. Bobby sat on the chair next to the reclining doctor seat I was on. The doctor squeezed this gooey stuff on my stomach and once she placed her instrument on my skin, our baby boy’s face popped up on the screen! It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Finding out I was pregnant, my stomach continually growing, and feeling the tiny kicks were nothing in comparison to seeing this baby in action! During the sonogram he yawned!!! Ah, I can’t get over how amazing it was. The doctor checked his brain, kidneys, heart, and other major organs and everything was healthy. She then printed out a few pictures of our baby and gave them to us. I love just staring at his picture thanking God for this little miracle. His new due date is September 25th! Cant wait till he arrives!

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Trip to the Dentist

Davina –

I hate going to the dentist. And that is the exact thing I had to do this morning. Apparently, I had a crack in one of my old fillings so it needed to be fixed. Ugh, I hated it. The shot for the anesthetic doesn’t bother me, neither does some stranger’s hand all over my mouth…its that darn drill! How it makes such a horrid sound while it acts like a jackhammer in my mouth! All the while it was active on my tooth I was laying there helplessly, wringing my shirt endlessly and forcibly rubbing my shoes together. Pure torture. And to make matters worse, the dentist didn’t put enough anesthetic so there was a point where the drill hit a spot that hurt so badly! I made a whining sound which told her, “GIVE ME ANOTHER SHOT!” Success. Another shot was given and on with the drilling. Finally it was all finished and I was left to make another appointment for two more fillings…great.

I must admit there were 3 perks to this dentist office. 1) The lady in the front desk is always very nice. 2) Since I am pregnant, there is a government program that allows me to get these fillings for FREE. 3) They always have some cartoon or cute movie on so patients (meaning me) may focus on the show and mentally leave the dentist office.

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