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Davina –

First of all I just want to say that I love my family. There was a time when I would say, “my little family” but I dont think thats very accurate anymore. This March (2 months away) we will be a family of 5 with me as the only girl….yup! 3 little boys with Dad equals one crazy house full of men! Im getting more and more excited. Sometimes, Im not looking forward to the end of my sleep and the helpless baby that always needs something (if its your first baby- no big deal but with two crazy kiddos running around its hard to take care of a delicate helpless babe when the older siblings are jumping off couches and making a mess in the hallway lol). But then at the same time I am totally looking forward to nursing again, cuddling with a tiny ball of cute, tiny diapers, and newborn scrunchie faces ❤ .

Harry, my oldest son, is really looking forward to his baby brothers arrival. He is constantly talking about him and referes to him as “the new baby”. And no, he doesnt know his name haha. He asked once and I told him that he will find out when the baby comes. He was OK with that response. He is just continueing to mature and grow but still so sweet and lovable. Every 10 minutes it seems, he comes up to me for a kiss and a hug. It makes me sad to think that one day (before I know it) he will grow out of needing a kiss and a hug from Mommy so I pray I treasure every moment of his need for me. Its hard to constantly be ready and willing to stop whatever im doing to give him the attention he needs but when I contemplate how much he still wants me it makes my heart melt.

Owen is adorable and is just in love with Harry. He knows there is a “new baby” somewhere but according to him, he and Harry are my babies. When I talk to him about the baby he says, “Harry baby, me baby”. Which is totally accurate because after all, they both are still (and always will be) my babies. Owen’s cheeks are as kissable as ever and every chance I get I give his cheekies a run for their money! He is such a happy, lovable, funny, and smart boy. I just cant get enough of my Chunkers. I love his hair too, so blonde and curly. Bobby is giving me until he turns 2 to cut it all off but he thinks once I see my newborn Ill be ready for him to have a “big boy hair cut” (because thats what happened with Harry’s long curly blonde baby hair too). So, I am enjoying it for now.

Bobby is just great with the boys. He loves to get on the ground with them and wrestle. The boys love this. They both jump on Daddy and he throws them onto the couches. I calmly sit on the far couch with my drink watching them, my heart full of happiness. Its so great to see my husband being such an amazing dad to our boys. He not only is so good with the kids but also with me! Wow, am I a lucky woman to be married to him. Everyone who knows us very well knows that Bobby is the “cook” in the family. He enjoys it so much- making delicious meals and making sure we have enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat well in the house 🙂 He also has been so kind while I am in my last trimester. Not only does he cook but he refuses to have me help him in the cleaning of the kitchen/dinning room. I sit on the chair and we chat while he perfects cleaning the entire kitchen. Its sparkling each night.

To prepare for the baby, one big thing we did was buy a new car! Its amazing. We got a Toyota Sienna ❤ It is so spacious and perfect for our growing family. We put the baby’s carseat in already so the boys will get the picture that a baby is actually truly coming. The funny thing is, is that we were going to wait to buy a car but after our 2 week vacation driving up and down California in our Toyota Corolla Bobby realized how badly we needed a bigger car since we were about to have 3 kids (meaning, 3 big carseats). So, instead of coming straight home from our long exhausting trip, Bobby drove us straight to the Toyota (yes, that is our favorite car brand) dealership and we bought our car. We also have a list of nessesities that we (meaning me) need to be ready for the baby’s arrival. Some things we already purchased or took out of storage such as: the beautiful family bassinet, new cloth prefolds, jumper, baby’s first stuffed animal, baby quilt for bedding, and the activity gym! Things we need are: finishing touches on baby’s nursery (like a diaper stacker and rug), a bouncer, a video monitor (still dont know which one we want!), and some random other baby stuff lol.

Anyways, God is good and all 5 of us (im including Birdknee) are ready to meet and welcome Baby Krause #3 into our family.

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