Baby Essentials


So, I took a long while trying to figure out (in MY opinion) what were the main baby essentials needed for new moms. I left out the obvious things such as: diapers, wipes, crib, rocking chair, changing pad, ext. Although, I may have left out some obvious items in my list, I hope whoever is reading this gets some help from my experience and suggestions. Obviously, I know all moms work and think differently along with each child being completely unique. What I may think is extremely important, another may think it is not a necessity. And vise versa, what I may have left out of my list because after having two kids it never struck me as important, others may be shocked I left it out. So, enjoy my thoughts on Baby Essentials!

Baby Essentials:


Burp Cloths– Receiving Blankets. these blankets have no give to them and aren’t very good for swaddling. they are great for burping because they cover a lot of your clothes when thrown over the shoulder…and if you ever burped a baby before then you would know that the “burp clothes” are too tiny to catch any of the spit up coming from baby. Its great to have a couple of these in your diaper bag.

Muslin Swaddling Blankets. These are huge and perfect for making the tightest swaddles. 🙂 They are kind of expensive (4 for $50) so make sure to put these on your registry!

Nursing cover– Balboa Baby. I love this brand for nursing covers. I’ve seen a lot of nursing covers and the majority of covers come too short! Meaning, the cover only covers the boob….not the stomach/side. The balboa baby covers everything and makes me feel confident whenever I nurse in public.

Nursing Pillow– Boppy. Its the most popular brand for a good reason too. Boppy’s are great because it hurts your arms to hold the baby up and to have your arms free is soooo nice! The baby just lays there and is so comfy!
Nursing Pads- There are so many options out there. Ive had the disposable pads and the reusable pads. Its really personal preference here 🙂 But for at least the first couple weeks these are needed unless you want milk wetting your bra/shirt!
Nipple Cream– HPA Lanolin by Lansinoh. There are a ton of brands and I know I have used more than one. Any brand will be helpful but for the first two weeks of nursing your nipples will be very sore, cracked, burning, blistering, maybe even bleeding. Two weeks of pain! Lanolin helps a lot but seriously if you stay with nursing longer than two weeks, pain will become joy and comfort for both you and the baby. Being able to nurse your baby is one of the most incredible things about having a baby.

High Chair– I’ve had a normal high chair for 3 years now and honestly, I think its bulky and takes up a ton of space. I would almost like one of those high chairs that hook onto the table or something like that. It does the same thing without a huge extra piece of furniture. But the thing I like about the regular high chair is the attached tray! You can give the baby food without him/her throwing the plate (which i know what would happen). This kind of makes me stay with the regular high chair. Don’t have to deal with plates and all the food being tossed to the ground haha.

Straw Cups– nuby. the rubber no drip straw top is great and easy for young babies to suck out of. I skipped the sippy cup with both of my boys and went straight from nursing to the nuby straw cup. (and after that to a regular cup).

Strollers and Carriers

Travel System– BOB. I love this stroller. Its really the most superior stroller out there. But because of the price I know its not everyones first choice. With my first child I didn’t get the BOB but instead got a three wheel street stroller (safety 1st brand). I loved my stroller but if I could go back in time I would get a single BOB. I now have the double BOB and its AMAZING. Again, if you don’t want to spend the money on either a used one (from Craiglist) or a new one then make sure to get a stroller with three wheels. I notice they move and turn a ton easier then the four wheel strollers.

Carrier– ergo, I love this carrier. the straps are ergonomic and help distribute the weight so carrying your baby doesn’t kill your back. the baby is super snug and close to mommy in this carrier plus has a hood to keep strangers/the sun away from baby. I also enjoy having different options to carry baby. The side carry is nice for a quick carrying session when you need both hands but this position really kills your shoulder. The back position is GREAT for older babies! They love being carried that way! There is now an Ergo 360 that I strongly recommend you check out if you are interested in the ergo. This one just came out recently and whats cool about it is it has an option to carry the baby outward! This is huge because when my second baby was born he hated being carried inward (My first LOVED it but my second hated it.). Because of this I had to buy a new carrier which was: Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier. I really liked this one. The straps are the same as the ergo which is nice. And pretty much the same except the hood and the extra carrying positions. This one only does out facing and inward facing.

Diaper Bag– Pottery Barn Kids. This is the one I have now. My first diaper bag was a generic one from Babies R Us and it served me well but was always a little snug. What I mean is, when you have a baby you might not realize how many things you need to bring wherever you go! There are blankets (multiple during the winter), swaddling blankets, muslin blankets, toys, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, nursing cover, ext… plus all of your stuff! Keys, wallet, chapstick, phone, random things you buy at the store, ext!!! I like the Pottery Barn Kids bag I have now because of how big it is! It fits everything and more! My advice is to get a bag you like but be aware of how much can fit inside it!

Infant Car Seat– anyone you like but make sure the fabric is removable so you can machine wash it! I had one from Safety 1st with my two boys but now I want to get a new one since I have the double BOB (I want one that works with it as a travel system).

Convertible Car Seat– Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Air. This is the one I have! I have two in different colors for each of my boys. I love it for these reasons: 1) the cover is removable and machine washable. I don’t even remember how many times either of my kids threw up/ smeared random food all over their seat and it needed to be washed. 2) it has multiple incline levels. This is great when the child is still rear facing (a child should stay rear facing until at least their SECOND birthday because until then their neck isn’t strong enough to hold their head back in an accident). We have been on many road trips and I love knowing my kids are comfortably laying down asleep (almost) flat. I think that is a huge plus. 3) the cup holder is sturdy and big enough for any cup! Also great for a snack holder too. 4) super safe and comfortable. 5) its attractive 🙂

Diapering- Diaper Ointments

Every Day Use– Mom to Mom- This is the generic brand from Safeway/Vons. I love it because its not expensive and works great to keep the wetness off the skin. I also like how this brand’s smell is very tolerable!

Small Rash– Desitin brand works wonders. I like to have some handy and use it when I notice a rash starting.

Bad Rash– Desitin maximum strength (purple bottle). My first son had the WORST diaper rashes and I found this strong version cleared up the rash the best.

bathing and care

Baby Bathtub– Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub. This tub is great! It works with infants all the way to when they can sit up. Normally baby bathtubs are for 0-6 months but when my first son was 6 months I wasn’t ready to put him in the huge tub so I found this Boon Naked tub. The only thing about this tub is the bottom is slippery but an easy fix would be to buy those grip stickers for tubs and stick it on the bottom 🙂

Towels– regular towels! I don’t really see the reason for buying baby towels. Some of the older kid pool or beach towels are cool but for everyday bath time- it doesn’t make sense. Regular towels work great and you already have them so no extra money is spent 🙂

Head to Toe Wash– With my first son I used the Johnson and Johnson head to toe wash but with my second son I noticed it made his skin really dry. So, I changed to Shea Moisture and really like it. It smells good and ever since I switched my son stopped getting dry spots. The one thing I want to point out is to look for “head to toe” wash &shampoo. Whatever brand you end up with I found it way easier to have one bottle to wash the baby’s hair and body rather than wash the hair with shampoo and the body with a different bottle. “Head to Toe” is what you should be looking for. Every brand should have this option 🙂

After Bath Rub– With my first son I used Johnson and Johnson but then switched to Shea Moisture with my second and love it.
nail clippers- safety 1st (at least 5!) This brand is great and a popular one. You can find them anywhere. They are easy to hold and inexpensive. I recommend getting a few to have on hand. I always loose track of mine!

Thermometer– Braun forehead thermometer. It reads the temperature with a simple swipe of the forehead. There are different brands of that carry this kind of thermometer. I have the one where it lights up (great for checking in the dark to read the temp) green if its a normal temp, yellow if its getting hot, and red if its a fever. I love my thermometer and its so easy to use! You can use it on an infant without them even waking them up and the older kids think its fun! I admit, we check the temp a lot because its fun.

Runny Noses– Boogie Wipes. These are seriously the best ever. They smell good and are very soft/moist so that after wiping noses for the 100th time your baby’s skin doesn’t get raw from tissue. I love these wipes. They come in a big container for the house and small travel packages for the diaper bag.

Stuffy Nose– Nosefrida. Honestly, I never had tried this product! But two of my best friends swear by it. Plus, if you look it up online you will see SO MANY amazing reviews on it. I plan on getting this for my third baby!


Monitor– This is a tough one. There are a lot of different brands out there that look really promising. For my first two kids I had just the voice monitor and now that I used that for two babies I realize that I would much rather have a video monitor. I still haven’t decided which is best but I strongly recommend a video monitor rather than a voice monitor. And I know I will get at least two monitors to put one in the boys room haha…Im always curious if they are behaving lol.

Baby Gates– Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate Extra Tall & Wide. This is the one I have and I like it a lot! Its great because its so tall that my tall 3 year old can’t climb over it! It is durable and able to fit a lot of different spaces. Ive had cheaper gates and its obvious why they are less expensive. This particular gate is attractive and would look great in any house.

Cabinet Locks– Basically any brand you like 🙂

Outlet Covers– Basically any brand you like 🙂

Play Time

Walker– When babies are old enough to sit supported they really enjoy a walker (I personally like these better than a stationary activity jumper because the jumpers are really big, take up so much space and not very easy to move around). With my second son I put him in a something similar to the Bright Stars Walk-a-Bout. He loved being entertained while jumping/moving on “his own”.

Activity Gym– Bright Stars Baby’s Play Place Playmat. I LOVE this activity gym. With my first son I had a less expensive one and it broke after a few months! I was disappointed so I found this one and the quality is obviously higher. I like how the sides are able to stand up and make a safe box for the baby when he/she is starting to roll but you don’t want him/her to roll away. When the baby is older you can put the sides down to make it flat and still when the baby is even older you can take off the gym part and use the play mat for tummy time or at the park (or whatever suits you!).

Bouncer– Even after two kids I still haven’t had a bouncer. And I can assure you I will have one for my third baby. I love how small they are and how easily portable they are! When I was down in San Francisco I found a baby bouncer at a store named, “Giggle”. I have my eye set on that particular one because it not only is a bouncer but also turns into a rocker! I had a big clunky infant swing for both my boys and whats annoying about those is that they have to be by a plug in and if you use batteries instead the batteries die out SO FAST!

Toys– people will get you toys! lol


Bassinet– We have a bassinet that was passed down in the family that we use for our kids, its beautiful 🙂 It looks like a bigger version of the Pottery Barn Kids bassinets. I recommend a bassinet for obvious reasons. When your precious baby is born you’re going to want him/her close to you for the first few months. Night time feeding is easier when they are close and as a mommy you feel calm with your new baby close to your side of the bed.

Play Yard– Joovy Room2 Portable Play yard. This play yard (aka travel crib) is the only way to go when choosing a play yard. With my first I had a traditional play yard that came with all the cool accessories (bassinet, changing table, hamper, and shelves) and let me say I truly enjoyed it for the first few months. The reason for this is after baby is old enough to roll over you need to take off the cool accessories and it becomes a plain old play yard. Small and has a hard bottom. The Joovy2 Play Yard however does not come with the fancy accessories but is bigger and better. Its a square shape rather than a rectangle which gives more room. It comes with a very soft bottom and a sheet. The thing I love about this product is its so big and comfy that it will fit a tall toddler when the regular play yards become very snug for a growing toddler.

Black Out Curtains– I love my black out curtains from Pottery Barn Kids (but they sell them a lot of other places too!), any time of day I can turn my son’s room to a dark room. A lot of times when the time changes so that bedtime is still really bright out kids don’t like going to bed, but these curtains make it seem dark outside 🙂

Sound Machine– My Baby Lullaby Sound Spa Sound Machine and Projector. This is the one I have but there are more out there 🙂 I use this for older babies/toddlers when they are more prone to be distracted at noise and not want to sleep. I put it on the rain sound at a low comforting volume and I feel it helps the child focus on sleep and not hear every single daily noise (like the laundry, doors banging, people talking, dishes being put away, ext).

Sleep Book– Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Ok, hands down this is the BEST book on sleep out there! It is amazing and works so well. With my first child I didn’t really know anything about sleep training and my son would only fall asleep if I put him in the stroller and went on a long walk. After he fell asleep I would park his stroller in his room. This was very tedious and I was worried about what I would do if it rained during nap time!! When he was 10 months old I finally read this book and learned so much about the way children’s brain works and why its important to teach babies to fall asleep on their own. It took 4 or 5 days for my son to reach the point of me putting him down in his crib after reading a couple books, say goodnight, and shut the door behind me. He fussed for a few minutes and fell asleep! Anyways, I highly suggest this book. Its amazing.

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