They Should Have Named it “The Cold-an’ Wind Bridge”!

Davina & Bobby –

D: This morning Bobby woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go running.

B: Her answer was a question.

D: What was my question?

B: Well, it was more of a non-answer.

D: I was thinking of all the things I had to do and I was thinking about whether I wanted to spend a couple hours running! Instead of doing all the laundry and dishes. Our house is messy!

B: (Davina just went to check the beans. Bean soup for tonight.) Well, needless to say, I coaxed my bride from bed and in a few minutes we, the Krause Family, were pounding our feet into the pavement, wind in our faces, the crisp San Francisco air against our bodies.

D: Yeah, yeah. Bobby didn’t tell me exactly how cold it would be. On the bridge –

B: We aren’t at that part of the story yet!

D: Then where are we?

B: Well first we went to Crissy Field and had some water.

D: Okay. THEN we went to the Golden Gate Bridge.

B: Wait. First I asked my Bride if she wanted to go home. She said…

D: No!

B: Exactly.

D: NO! I mean…you didn’t ask! You basically said…

B: It was fun.

D: It felt like negative 100 degrees! And I was wearing a running skirt –

B: It was a cute running skirt.

D: – a t-shirt, compression socks and my Nirvana running shoes. It was so cold my hands were going to fall off…I was miserable. Bobby didn’t tell me how freezing it was going to be.

B: It started out warm at Crissy Field.

D: (Silence)

B: Confession: Davina didn’t tell me her tolerance for cold was so low. She TOLD me that her favorite thing in the world was wind. So, I took her to the windiest place I knew. You’d think that that would mean instant romance.

D: Anyways, on the way back, we went to Fleet Feet (B: a specialty running store) and I can honestly say that the Running Center (B: another specialty running store) is better!! Then to finish off the run we ran up a ruler straight mountain.

B: It was more like scaling a wall.

D: Every muscle in my body ached. But it was fun.

B: The

D: End.

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