Hypocritical Season?

Davina –

Sooo, right now Bobby and I are laying in bed at 9:05pm. He is reading a book from Dick Cheney called, “In My Time” (on our ipad) thus, not talking to me…reading next to him sounds wonderful, I would happily open a book and silently read side by side. Content and at peace reading next to my husband…BUT, in this current season in Bobby’s life (yes, I said season- with him they come and go. No one knows how long they last and what new idea might pop into his head. All I’ve learned is to say, “Yes Honey” and go with the flow) we use candles. One might say, “Well, what is so different about that? Candles are great!” The one big difference between my husband and the average Joe is after the sun goes down, the only source of light are candles. Hence, I wouldn’t have enough light to comfortably read a book. Hypocritically, he reads from the ipad which radiates with light. If we had two ipad’s that would be a different story. Thus instead of laying here staring at the flickering dim light of the candle, I chose to turn on the computer and write this blog.

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The Bassinet

Baby Krause’s bassinet: this bassinet was made by Robert Krause’s great grandma. His mom was the first baby to use it. After her, his uncle, all of his cousins, both of his older brothers, including Bobby!, his niece and nephew, and now, it will be used by his son.

Davina –

When Bobby first showed me this bassinet, in a closet at his grandmother’s house, I instantly fell in love with it. I thought it was the sweetest thing that Bobby slept in it as a baby, besides the fact that it looks like it is from a fairy tale, I instantly pictured my baby sleeping in it. We are both so excited to use it with our son….just 5 more weeks!

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My Handsome Man, Bobby

Davina –

Last saturday, Bobby took me on an amazing date. First we slept in! That in and of itself was amazing lol, but after we got up and were ready he took me to our favorite little dinner in Vista, CA. (I forgot the name….not sure if I ever even knew the name, but we love it). We both ordered our favorite breakfast – eggs benedict, hash browns, and a side of biscuits in gravy – YUM! Following that, we went back to the house and packed the car with two canoes! In Oceanside, CA there is a pretty big harbor where there is a variety of boats, people, and sea life. There we started off with our canoes. We had such a blast! I loved seeing all the pelicans and seagulls surrounding us. I kept saying “hi” to every feathered friend :). What was really astonishing for us, was two sea lions who swam right by us! They literally swam in circles around us. Bobby and I believe they liked the attention ha. They were super cute. We named them, George and Janet. After our fun in the sun (literally in the sun – Bobby got a really bad sun burn all over his legs 😦 ), we gassed up the car and ate ice cream! It was great. When we got home, Bobby was a total doll and made dinner! It was the most delicious dinner I’ve tasted ever! I don’t know how he made it but boy, would someone pay an arm and a leg for the dish in a restaurant…it was that good. Sleep in, date, adventure, and dinner! I am truly blessed.

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Sing Sweet Nightingale

Davina –

Our hair is not the same color, I don’t have blue eyes, I can’t sing as well as her, and I am not a slave to an evil step mother and sisters….BUT I do have the same gift for cleaning 🙂

So our floor in our home is mostly tile. The majority of our floor is this pretty dark tile that looks great and rarely looks dirty. But, there is a small section in our office area with a different type of tile. And its white…with brown grooves in it. This tile almost ALWAYS looks dirty. Today I was fed up with it so after sweeping, I went into the garage to get the mop. Sadly, when I walked close enough to the mop I noticed that it was just as dirty as the floor and knew that even if I used it, it would be to no avail. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed some rags, a big mixing bowl (I filled it with water mixed with fabuloso), and a tough scrubber. Just like Cinderella, I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the never clean white tile. I am so happy now, it looks like new! And it smells good to, thanks to fabuloso…..I just wonder how long it will look this nice before it gets really dirty again. Because its a lot of work scrubbing that hard, not to mention it took a toll on my knees.


Here is a picture of the before and after…the left side is clean and the right side is dirty

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