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Davina –

Yesterday, Bobby took me on any woman’s dream… a shopping spree!!! 🙂 It was so fun, and not to mention adorable. Since I am 31 weeks pregnant, my tummy is getting much bigger. No matter how hard I try to wear my “pre pregnancy” clothing, I just cant pull it off anymore. Sooo, he thought it was time to buy me a few things. We went to Motherhood (at the outlet mall in Carlsbad, CA) and there Bobby was my own personal stylist. He was scrummaging through the racks choosing cute and hip things for me to try on (he actually does have really good taste in style!) while I was very much enjoying myself in the dresser room. (To all my single friends- it is so much more fun to shop with my husband!! 🙂 ). We ended up leaving with a skirt, a sweater, two tops, and five bottoms. Yup, I have the best husband in the whole wide world!….After the shopping, he took me out to In N Out! Thats what hamburgers are all about! I got a cheeseburger animal style, french fries, and a vanilla shake! He got a double double, french fries, and a small coke. I love days like that. Just Bobby and me.

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29 Weeks!

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28 Weeks!

Davina –

I finally have started my THIRD trimester! So crazy. This baby boy is getting bigger and stronger by the second!…My life: wife. pregnant. Soon to be mom! 🙂

This morning, I wanted breakfast so I walked out to the chicken pen and found two fresh eggs waiting for my plate 🙂 awesome, I know. I also enjoyed feeding the selfish little fatties (aka chickens) with all the leftover food. Its so funny how they all run to grab the food. One chicken tripped on the way over haha. I wish I had it on video.

Currently, I am sitting on the bed with Birdknee eagerly awaiting for my handsome man (otherwise known as Bobby Krause) to come home! Today, my mom came over and helped me master the sauce for cheese enchiladas. YUMMY! In short, dinner will be bomb.

Well, I need to go outside under the hot energy draining sun and take down my laundry from the wire (yes, I hang my clothes to dry).

Ps…enjoy this picture of me at a whopping 28 weeks!!


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