Picture Time

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A Strong Pulse

Davina –

Today I heard the heartbeat!!! It was amazing. Its such a miracle that at 12 weeks (only 2 1/2 in) the baby has its little organs formed, facial features, hands, feet, fingers, toes, nail buds, ears, tongue, bone marrow is making white blood cells, and muscles. Sooo cute. 🙂

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Pregnancy=GOODBYE to a goodnight sleep.

Davina –

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. I mean, God is using my body to create a human being. SO EXCITING…there is only one (out of many) annoying things about this process…LACK OF SLEEP. They say after the baby is born I wont have any sleep due to the crying and feeding in the middle of the night. The baby is about 6.5 months away from being born and I am constantly waking up throughout the night to pee. Yup, pee.

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