Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

Davina –

So, I admit…back in the day I used to say that I would NEVER use cloth diapers because they were disgusting, old fashion, and ugly. I was sold with the modern way of thinking that disposables are the only way to go. Then, when Harry was about 14 months I met a very good friend of mine named Carly. Her and I would hang out all of the time and I noticed she used cloth diapers with her son. I at first kept my distain to myself, but the more I saw her using the diapers with such ease and confidence I slowly started changing my mind. Especially when I noticed cloth diapers actually are totally cute and made for modern moms to enjoy! Slowly but surely I got super interested in them that sweet Carly let me borrow enough of her diapers to “try out” for a week with Harry! It definitely took some getting used to but in that one week I decided to make the switch and quit using disposables right before Owen was born. Plus, I would be saving SO MUCH MONEY each month in the long run. And so, the fun begin. First, I spent a long while researching which brand to stick with. Like all other things that involve raising children, moms have opinions that feel more like “facts”. For example, “this brand is better than that brand and this way is better than that way”……but thankfully, since I was able to try out first hand different brands myself I was able to have a small starting point while researching. There are a lot of different brands out there with different ways to diaper and so much information that can make one’s head spin. So many positive reviews and so many negative reviews on each item! Who to believe and what to settle on? I ended up settling on gdiaper brand for my cloth diapers. You can check out their page here: I love everything about these diapers especially these 3 reasons: 1) they look adorable on with all the bright colors and styles. 2) they are in different sizes rather than one size to help have a more accurate fit. 3) the simple construction of the gdiaper itself. I could go on and on about why this brand is the best but like I stated before- I don’t want to be “that mom” that believes its my way or the high way. I love this brand and it works wonderfully but I hear a ton of great things about a bunch of other leading brands as well. Since switching to cloth diapers and cloth wipes I have saved more money than I thought possible for my family by cutting off the dread of buying box after box of diapers and wipes each month. I also noticed from having one child on disposables and one child on cloth how much less diaper rashes Owen gets compared to what Harry dealt with. Cloth diapers takes you back to natural, inexpensive (long term cost), and gentle care. And let me quickly take a moment to say that I am in no way trying to say that someone is a “bad mom” by using disposables or that I am better or anything like that. This is just my journey in mothering and by trial and error cloth diapers have come into our daily routine and we love it! Switching over to cloth diapering is something that takes time to get used to but if you are up to it, its worth the adventure. But as a warning to those who are interested…if you decide to make the switch you CANNOT go halfway because you not only will enjoy your experience but it is likely you will quit and waste the money you already spent on the diapers. Here are a list of items that are both a “must have” for cloth diapering and a “luxury” for cloth diapering. Just an FYI I use gdiapers, so my list will contain “musts” for this brand 🙂 Some moms might disagree with me on which items are must haves and which items are luxuries. But to each his own 🙂

Must Haves!
*between 6-12 (the more the less laundry) gpants- small, medium, and large
*at least 2 packs of gpant pouches
*at least 3 packs of gdiaper cloth inserts – small and medium/large
*at least 4 packs of the 10-12 count generic brand 3 ply pre fold diapers (I have Babies R Us brand but Gerber brand would work too)
*one pack of the 6 count generic brand 6 ply pre fold diapers
*at least 4 packs of GroVia cloth wipes, 12 count
*diaper sprayer (I use bum genius)
*simple diaper trash can for laundry (I use Safety 1st easy saver diaper pail)
*two pail liners (I use Planet Wise brand)
*wet bag for diapers (I use Planet Wise size medium)
*wet bag for wipes (I use Planet Wise wipe pouch)
*scent free detergent
*bleach & blue liquid dish soap (this is for “stripping” the diapers every few months)

Luxuries that I LOVE!!
*two small spray bottles for easy clean up on messy diapers (I use Soft N Style Mist Spray Bottle, 5 ounces)
*cloth wipe warmer (I use Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes warmer)

*diaper rack for drying in the sun- the sun is a natural bleach (I use Whitmor folding clothes drying rack)

*cloth liners (this is not necessary if you have a sprayer, I used gdiaper brand)

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