From Baby to Toddler

Davina –

I can hardly believe it has been 13 months since my precious son was born. I still think of him as my baby (which I am sure I always will) but in reality he has transitioned into a TODDLER! I refuse to believe this so I consider him more of a Babe-ler. Half  “baby” half “toddler”. But when I am honest with myself, I do see how much he has matured. Not only his physical appearance has changed drastically but everything else!! He walks like a champ, getting into everything. He has a “do it myself” mentality. He just recently transitioned to the “big tub” (we were using a “transition tub” that is bigger than an infant tub but safe enough for an older baby), he does not protest naps any longer, which is a huge one for me since he always hated being put down in his crib in the middle of the day. He is trying hard to say words, he points to his rubber ducky and says, “Dak!” He points to cars and says, “Ca!”. He brings me his shoes when he wants to go outside. And I started the process of weaning him which is the biggest one for me. I cannot believe how much he has grown and I am so very proud to be his Mommy.

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