Sunday Picnic

Davina –

Every Sunday we go to church, go grocery shopping, then come home and stay home. Every Sunday…our routine was getting a little too routine if you get my drift. So, to change things up a bit, yesterday (Saturday), we did our shopping to free up time after church. This morning I packed up a picnic, which consisted of: fresh strawberries, Gouda cheese, salami, grape juice, and homemade bread (made by Bobby). I was very excited for it! The great thing was we were able to invite some friends from church! We went to a very pretty park, settled under a shady tree, the kids played all around us, and Bobby and I were able to have a lovely conversation with another couple. So wonderful.

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Different People

Davina –

I don’t particularly have a topic to write about.Just felt like writing a post. Today, while Harry was napping, I watched  a couple YouTube videos of “American Idol”. Some people were fantastic and blew the judges away and then there were thosepeople who absolutely couldn’t sing! But the funny thing is that they thought they could sing! They really believed they were talented singers. Me personally, I can sing. But I know I don’t even have half of the talent I would need to be on “American Idol!” … It’s just funny how people think so differently! There surely are some strange individuals in the world. Haha, well that’s all for now.

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