My Awesome Creativity lol

Davina –

What am I doing? Cooking chicken for the broth. What am I looking at? Birdknee. Is he cute? YES.

Sooo, today I started my own cook book! It’s pretty awesome. Filled with decorations of princess stickers, ribbon, crayon drawings, and shiny stars. :). I’m using an old journal I never used and cutting and pasting random recipes to the pages! Yes, I know, I am SO creative 🙂 lol I’m excited, when I’m finished you ALL will be jealous.

OK…I need to go change the fish’s dirty water and kiss Birdknee. Today is Martin Luther King day, maybe Bobby will come home early today 😉 peace!!!

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Our Apartment

Davina –

I wanted everyone to see our lovely apartment! Isn’t it beautiful?! The 1st-3rd pics are of our living room. The 4th is our little kitchen, the 5th is our dinning room table (and baby Birdknee), the 6th is our bedroom, the 7th is our bathroom, and the last pic is of our very private garden! 🙂 We love it and are so excited to share it with you. ENJOY.

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It’s Tuesday!!!

Davina –

Cutest thing ever!…Birdknee is asleep right now, how precious is that? 🙂 anyways, it’s 2:48pm and I’m still in my pj’s, mouse slippers (thanks to Riley Hepner), my hair is in a messy bun and I look and feel gross lol. Today so far I finished the dishes (go me), read my Bible (Bobby and I are going through the Word in a year), read some more (a mix of diff books), and worked a long time on online applications. I’m trying to get a part time job. Fun stuff 🙂 Oh, btw…today is tuesday! What is so special about tuesday?, you might ask. Well, it’s date night! Since Bobby has to study everyday for the CPA (I’m so proud of him), he gets the night off to spend with me 🙂 cute, huh? Totally.

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Beginning to a Normal Monday

Davina –

OK so, its 9:23am. This morning Bobby woke me up “a little before 7” when i pushed the “getting out of bed part” for another 15 minutes. After getting up we both got ready for the day (Bobby putting on running clothes-for running to work and I threw on jeans and a North Medford sweatshirt). Since Safeway is SO FAR AWAY and I really didn’t feel like going all the way over there and lugging everything back up a mountain Bobby walked me to a small little organic grocery store which was WAY closer. Seeing that it was organic and local it was a little more expensive- meaning I’ll probably go to Safeway next time (and all the other times). But either way I bought what I wanted and needed. And good thing, every item fit in our small dorm room size refrigerator 🙂 As I am typing this I glanced over to the kitchen only to remind myself that I need to wash the dishes….ugh, dirty dishes are so gross. With the nasty leftover food smeared on the plates. AND the food dispenser is broken. No worries, I will endure.

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Diving into the words of a Book.

Davina –

Sooo…Currently, I’m just pinning away, waiting for my lovely husband to come home to me. Once he does, I will make him a tuna melt (left overs from my lunch 🙂 ), after dinner we will walk over to a nearby coffee shop (I will prob get a white hot chocolate) where Bobby will study for his classes and I will read a book. Sounds fun, huh? 🙂 Totally. I LOVE reading. I just dive into the words and explore the land my imagination shows me. The book im in the middle of right now is called, “My Bondage and My Freedom” by Frederick Douglass. Its a bibliography written as a novel about how Frederick got out of slavery. He was a very intelligent man and endured the hardships of slavery. He was a Christian too, so I am looking forward to meeting him in Heaven someday :). Those of you who are classic lovers, I encourage you to read this book. The other book I am reading is called “Created To Be His Help Meet” by Debi Pearl. Its about God’s plan for the role of a wife. It was given to me as a present and so far its pretty interesting (I have only read one chapter so far).
Anyways, Bobby should be home any minute so I am going to finish getting ready. Peace.

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My New Life

Davina –

It’s been exactly 17 days since my wedding. Crazy, huh? Every time I think back to my wedding I can’t help but smile. It was the most wonderful day! Perfect in every way. Being surrounded by those I love and being united with the man of my dreams, what more could I have wanted? I am truly blessed and am so happy.

Currently, we live in San Francisco in a cute little apartment. Bobby, Birdknee, Norbert (our beta fish), Trooper (our goldfish), and I are enjoying our life together. We just got rid of our car, named Delilah. Poor car couldn’t handle the treacherous hills here in the city (she was a stick) so now we are forced to use our legs. 🙂 Bobby runs to and from work and I walk to wherever I need to go…speaking of which, yesterday I had to walk to the market so I took my empty backpack (named Veronica) and headed towards Safeway. It was a lovely walk, fresh crisp air, lovely scenery, people about enjoying the sun, and all downhill! Three annoying things that happened on the way to the store: 1) my Achilles were bothering me 2) I was wearing a black sweater and it was hot 3) while I was crossing the street a woman honked at me! But all was fine and I made it to the store 🙂 I got the ingredients I needed for the meals I plan on cooking and went to check out. The Asian gentleman who was putting my groceries in Veronica was being so rough with my food I was afraid he was going to tear my milk carton so I told him to stop and I gently packed all my things just right. When I put the backpack on my back I felt as if there were a bunch of bricks in it rather than food. Nevertheless I headed back to our apartment. The walk back seemed faster than the walk to the store which was nice. But the main thing that was different was the massive hills! They are seriously ruler straight and with a bunch of heavy groceries on my back. It was a good workout 🙂

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Taquitos with Friends

Bobby –

A couple days ago my darling wife prepared taquitos for some company we had in town. David Leyva III and Ana Gonzalez came to our humble little place and we enjoyed sweet fellowship, dinner and a game of Scrabble.

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Thoughts Before Coffee Date…

Bobby –

There are a million little coffee shops in the City and we are on our way to have ‘coffee for two…for here, thank you.’ I was reading in Genesis this morning where the Lord blesses His creation. First He blesses our procreation, then our dominion over creation and then He does something slightly foreign to my thinking – He blesses our food, as if to say that the meaning of life is fellowship, Lordship and…eating?  But now I’m going to have to meditate on why eating is so important to life, because as I scan the dry pages of my Bible, I come to see that food is the substance of my interaction with Jesus. I cannot have fellowship with my Lord without Him becoming my daily bread and I cannot have him as Lord over me unless I eat of His body. Could it be true that we cannot interact with each other and become one without food?

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