Two Months Old

Davina –

Harry turns two months tomorrow, my mom’s birthday is this sunday, my birthday is on monday, Thanksgiving is next thursday, my brother’s wedding is next saturday, and on top of all that, my dear husband is sick! Life currently is flying by.

Out of all these crazy happenings, the one that is the most alarming is how big Harry is getting! I remember so clearly the first few days he came into our lives – he was so tiny and slept all day – I would hold him and never want to put him down. Although, it still is the case that I never put him down, he is so much bigger! Mind you, he still has that “newborn” face but is growing at an alarming and healthy rate. It is so gratifying to watch him interact with his daddy and me. How he laughs, talks (that adorable baby talk), and gets frustrated. God made him so perfect, his personality is a blast, how he loves to look all around with his big bright eyes. He is his dad’s and my precious. He is our son and we love him more than we ever thought possible.

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Harry Robert Krause

Davina –

He is so precious!

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Time Changes Everything

Davina –

LONG story short: We moved to a townhouse in Carlsbad, CA and had a beautiful baby boy named, Harry.

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