Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

Davina –

So, I admit…back in the day I used to say that I would NEVER use cloth diapers because they were disgusting, old fashion, and ugly. I was sold with the modern way of thinking that disposables are the only way to go. Then, when Harry was about 14 months I met a very good friend of mine named Carly. Her and I would hang out all of the time and I noticed she used cloth diapers with her son. I at first kept my distain to myself, but the more I saw her using the diapers with such ease and confidence I slowly started changing my mind. Especially when I noticed cloth diapers actually are totally cute and made for modern moms to enjoy! Slowly but surely I got super interested in them that sweet Carly let me borrow enough of her diapers to “try out” for a week with Harry! It definitely took some getting used to but in that one week I decided to make the switch and quit using disposables right before Owen was born. Plus, I would be saving SO MUCH MONEY each month in the long run. And so, the fun begin. First, I spent a long while researching which brand to stick with. Like all other things that involve raising children, moms have opinions that feel more like “facts”. For example, “this brand is better than that brand and this way is better than that way”……but thankfully, since I was able to try out first hand different brands myself I was able to have a small starting point while researching. There are a lot of different brands out there with different ways to diaper and so much information that can make one’s head spin. So many positive reviews and so many negative reviews on each item! Who to believe and what to settle on? I ended up settling on gdiaper brand for my cloth diapers. You can check out their page here: I love everything about these diapers especially these 3 reasons: 1) they look adorable on with all the bright colors and styles. 2) they are in different sizes rather than one size to help have a more accurate fit. 3) the simple construction of the gdiaper itself. I could go on and on about why this brand is the best but like I stated before- I don’t want to be “that mom” that believes its my way or the high way. I love this brand and it works wonderfully but I hear a ton of great things about a bunch of other leading brands as well. Since switching to cloth diapers and cloth wipes I have saved more money than I thought possible for my family by cutting off the dread of buying box after box of diapers and wipes each month. I also noticed from having one child on disposables and one child on cloth how much less diaper rashes Owen gets compared to what Harry dealt with. Cloth diapers takes you back to natural, inexpensive (long term cost), and gentle care. And let me quickly take a moment to say that I am in no way trying to say that someone is a “bad mom” by using disposables or that I am better or anything like that. This is just my journey in mothering and by trial and error cloth diapers have come into our daily routine and we love it! Switching over to cloth diapering is something that takes time to get used to but if you are up to it, its worth the adventure. But as a warning to those who are interested…if you decide to make the switch you CANNOT go halfway because you not only will enjoy your experience but it is likely you will quit and waste the money you already spent on the diapers. Here are a list of items that are both a “must have” for cloth diapering and a “luxury” for cloth diapering. Just an FYI I use gdiapers, so my list will contain “musts” for this brand 🙂 Some moms might disagree with me on which items are must haves and which items are luxuries. But to each his own 🙂

Must Haves!
*between 6-12 (the more the less laundry) gpants- small, medium, and large
*at least 2 packs of gpant pouches
*at least 3 packs of gdiaper cloth inserts – small and medium/large
*at least 4 packs of the 10-12 count generic brand 3 ply pre fold diapers (I have Babies R Us brand but Gerber brand would work too)
*one pack of the 6 count generic brand 6 ply pre fold diapers
*at least 4 packs of GroVia cloth wipes, 12 count
*diaper sprayer (I use bum genius)
*simple diaper trash can for laundry (I use Safety 1st easy saver diaper pail)
*two pail liners (I use Planet Wise brand)
*wet bag for diapers (I use Planet Wise size medium)
*wet bag for wipes (I use Planet Wise wipe pouch)
*scent free detergent
*bleach & blue liquid dish soap (this is for “stripping” the diapers every few months)

Luxuries that I LOVE!!
*two small spray bottles for easy clean up on messy diapers (I use Soft N Style Mist Spray Bottle, 5 ounces)
*cloth wipe warmer (I use Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes warmer)

*diaper rack for drying in the sun- the sun is a natural bleach (I use Whitmor folding clothes drying rack)

*cloth liners (this is not necessary if you have a sprayer, I used gdiaper brand)

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My Life As It Is

My Life As It Is

Davina –

It has been almost a year since my last post! Ridiculous, I know. I will try harder to stay on top of my writings but no promises lol. Anyways, Here is a fast forward update on my life…we moved to Medford, Oregon when Owen was about 2.5 months old… he will be turning 1 this month! It makes my heart break to think how fast he is growing. I am literally obsessed with my chunk. Love him to pieces and am still in the way of thinking that he could do no wrong. Like, everything he does is cute. Then there is Harry lol. I LOVE my firstborn (just as much as Owen obviously) but age 2.5 is a lot harder than everyone says it is. Terrible twos is no joke! And what worries me is that all my Mommy friends say that 3 is WORSE! Ah! What in the world am I going to do?? Haha, but Bobby likes to tease me that I am getting pay back. Reason why is because, I confess, Harry is exactly like me. The things that he does that irritate me- I did (and do) the exact same things!! Hahaha…..Ive been realizing that Harry is not going to change and if I want to have a good relationship with him when he is older than I need to change fast. My prayer is for God to give me a calm spirit so I can handle stressful times with my child in a peaceful way. But motherhood definitely is a humbling experience. With just dealing with the day to day situations I become widely aware that I am no different than the worst sinner. Name the worst person who EVER existed……I can easily be an equal. The only difference is that I have Jesus in my life! He is what makes it even possible for me to be a “good” mom to my kids- if that. I strive daily to be more like Him and often I fail. I am a sinner and need Him constantly to guide me and help me throughout the day to survive! Haha. But, even though it is tough to be a mom. I would change it for nothing. My kids are my joy and they teach me so much!

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Letting Go Softly


Davina –

Harry is now 14 months old and fully weaned. Harry was one of those babies who loved to nurse. For the first 7 months of his life he depended only on nursing for his supplements. The next 3 months he was introduced to solids but still expected to be nursed at any time of the day he wanted it. This didn’t bother me one bit. After all, he is my baby and he will only be my baby for a short time. Before I know it he will be taller than me, wearing his dad’s clothes, and interested in women. This first part of his life is so short and so delicate, where we are able to share a bond that no one else can understand. A bond that provides trust, comfort, calmness, peace, and relaxation. And so, I would never say no to breastfeeding. But when he was about 10 months old I started sleep training him. Before that he would sleep in his crib in the beginning of the night but then sleep with Bobby and me the rest of the night (we are big fans of co-sleeping, seeing as Harry co-slept with us for 10 months). Basically, I slowly cut out night time nursing by decreasing the amount of times I went in his room during the night to nurse. Within a couple of weeks he slept all night and bye bye to nursing at night. That was a huge relief. When he was 12 months I started to stop the random nursing (ie: when he was bored, upset, fussy, hurt, or whatever the case may be) and focused on finding a new solution (ie: read a book to him, go play outside, take him for a walk, ect). By then he was down to only nursing in the morning when he woke up, after his two naps, and right before bed. The next to go was the early morning, but not the way I imagined it. One morning Bobby and I woke up before Harry and made breakfast. We had the table set for two and was about to eat our oatmeal when Harry woke up. I quickly went to get  him and planned to nurse as usual- but as soon as he saw the oatmeal he wanted to eat it instead. He ate oatmeal with us then wanted to go play with his toys. I was amazed. There went the morning nursing and I realized the trick was to distract him with something else (aka: food). Every morning after that, Bobby and I made sure we had breakfast ready by the time Harry woke up. This worked for a couple more weeks but I knew I had to continue what I started. Since I knew that food was a great tool, when he woke up from his naps I had a snack waiting for him. For his snack I usually give him a slice of cheese, yogurt, or banana. After he eats, he is ready to play. Its great! I continued this for a few more weeks when one night (around 6:15pm) Harry had a bad tantrum. It started with him wanting something and he threw a fit! He just cried and cried. Bobby tried feeding him, giving him water, reading to him, you name it, but he wouldn’t stop screaming. Finally, about 30 minutes later, I took him in my arms and tried soothing him by singing the lullaby I always sing right before he goes to bed (Hush Little Baby). Instantly, he stopped crying and started closing his eyes! He was tired!! All that crying drained him. So, I took him in the room, turned off the lights, rocked him in the rocking chair while singing Hush Little Baby. He fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. And without nursing! He went a whole day without nursing! The next night I tried the same thing- rocking him while singing but he wouldn’t have it. I think that other night he was so worn out from crying that he didn’t care. So, I replicated our nap time routine, which is reading a few books, goodnight kiss, and placing him down in his crib. And that is exactly what I did. And to my surprise, there were no tears, no tantrums, nothing. He just went to sleep. I was just mainly amazed by how peaceful and productive our weaning experience was. I hear and read about some ladies who do the “cold turkey” type of wean and I just couldn’t imagine. They say it just takes 3 days for the baby to get over it. Nursing is a very intimate and special gift and to tear it away in one day seems heartless. Harry and I were able to say goodbye to a wonderful season in our lives and say hello to a new season with joy, peace, and contentment in our hearts. And so, I am proud to say, Harry is now 14 months and fully weaned.

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From Baby to Toddler

Davina –

I can hardly believe it has been 13 months since my precious son was born. I still think of him as my baby (which I am sure I always will) but in reality he has transitioned into a TODDLER! I refuse to believe this so I consider him more of a Babe-ler. Half  “baby” half “toddler”. But when I am honest with myself, I do see how much he has matured. Not only his physical appearance has changed drastically but everything else!! He walks like a champ, getting into everything. He has a “do it myself” mentality. He just recently transitioned to the “big tub” (we were using a “transition tub” that is bigger than an infant tub but safe enough for an older baby), he does not protest naps any longer, which is a huge one for me since he always hated being put down in his crib in the middle of the day. He is trying hard to say words, he points to his rubber ducky and says, “Dak!” He points to cars and says, “Ca!”. He brings me his shoes when he wants to go outside. And I started the process of weaning him which is the biggest one for me. I cannot believe how much he has grown and I am so very proud to be his Mommy.

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