My Life As It Is

My Life As It Is

Davina –

It has been almost a year since my last post! Ridiculous, I know. I will try harder to stay on top of my writings but no promises lol. Anyways, Here is a fast forward update on my life…we moved to Medford, Oregon when Owen was about 2.5 months old… he will be turning 1 this month! It makes my heart break to think how fast he is growing. I am literally obsessed with my chunk. Love him to pieces and am still in the way of thinking that he could do no wrong. Like, everything he does is cute. Then there is Harry lol. I LOVE my firstborn (just as much as Owen obviously) but age 2.5 is a lot harder than everyone says it is. Terrible twos is no joke! And what worries me is that all my Mommy friends say that 3 is WORSE! Ah! What in the world am I going to do?? Haha, but Bobby likes to tease me that I am getting pay back. Reason why is because, I confess, Harry is exactly like me. The things that he does that irritate me- I did (and do) the exact same things!! Hahaha…..Ive been realizing that Harry is not going to change and if I want to have a good relationship with him when he is older than I need to change fast. My prayer is for God to give me a calm spirit so I can handle stressful times with my child in a peaceful way. But motherhood definitely is a humbling experience. With just dealing with the day to day situations I become widely aware that I am no different than the worst sinner. Name the worst person who EVER existed……I can easily be an equal. The only difference is that I have Jesus in my life! He is what makes it even possible for me to be a “good” mom to my kids- if that. I strive daily to be more like Him and often I fail. I am a sinner and need Him constantly to guide me and help me throughout the day to survive! Haha. But, even though it is tough to be a mom. I would change it for nothing. My kids are my joy and they teach me so much!

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