It’s a BOY!!

It's a BOY!!

We are so thrilled to announce that we are having another handsome little man! Due June 8th 2013!! He is so cute! Can’t wait to meet him!

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Boy or Girl?

Davina –

Today is the day that we find out if we are having another little boy or a girl!! Sadly, Bobby won’t be able to join me for the ultra sound. He is the big guy at work and needs to be there to cut everyone their checks for the week. People need to get paid I guess ;). Nevertheless, I want us to find out at the same time so I am going to ask if they can write the sex on a paper and seal it in an envelope. My appointment is at 3:15pm. So crazy! Let’s just hope this baby isn’t shy!

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Baby Krause #2!!


Davina –

Thats right! We are getting ready for our baby #2! I am currently about 15 and a half weeks, I am showing a lot faster than I did with Harry. We are pretty excited, crazy though. God is so faithful to us, always provides and always blesses us beyond measure. He truly is our loving Father who loves to pour out his blessings upon us. For us currently, besides shelter, food, clothing, a job, and our health…..He has given us another life to bring into this world! Another little person to raise, care for, and love. Harry is going to have a blast being a big brother- of course after he gets used to the idea of sharing Mommy 😉

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Letting Go Softly


Davina –

Harry is now 14 months old and fully weaned. Harry was one of those babies who loved to nurse. For the first 7 months of his life he depended only on nursing for his supplements. The next 3 months he was introduced to solids but still expected to be nursed at any time of the day he wanted it. This didn’t bother me one bit. After all, he is my baby and he will only be my baby for a short time. Before I know it he will be taller than me, wearing his dad’s clothes, and interested in women. This first part of his life is so short and so delicate, where we are able to share a bond that no one else can understand. A bond that provides trust, comfort, calmness, peace, and relaxation. And so, I would never say no to breastfeeding. But when he was about 10 months old I started sleep training him. Before that he would sleep in his crib in the beginning of the night but then sleep with Bobby and me the rest of the night (we are big fans of co-sleeping, seeing as Harry co-slept with us for 10 months). Basically, I slowly cut out night time nursing by decreasing the amount of times I went in his room during the night to nurse. Within a couple of weeks he slept all night and bye bye to nursing at night. That was a huge relief. When he was 12 months I started to stop the random nursing (ie: when he was bored, upset, fussy, hurt, or whatever the case may be) and focused on finding a new solution (ie: read a book to him, go play outside, take him for a walk, ect). By then he was down to only nursing in the morning when he woke up, after his two naps, and right before bed. The next to go was the early morning, but not the way I imagined it. One morning Bobby and I woke up before Harry and made breakfast. We had the table set for two and was about to eat our oatmeal when Harry woke up. I quickly went to get  him and planned to nurse as usual- but as soon as he saw the oatmeal he wanted to eat it instead. He ate oatmeal with us then wanted to go play with his toys. I was amazed. There went the morning nursing and I realized the trick was to distract him with something else (aka: food). Every morning after that, Bobby and I made sure we had breakfast ready by the time Harry woke up. This worked for a couple more weeks but I knew I had to continue what I started. Since I knew that food was a great tool, when he woke up from his naps I had a snack waiting for him. For his snack I usually give him a slice of cheese, yogurt, or banana. After he eats, he is ready to play. Its great! I continued this for a few more weeks when one night (around 6:15pm) Harry had a bad tantrum. It started with him wanting something and he threw a fit! He just cried and cried. Bobby tried feeding him, giving him water, reading to him, you name it, but he wouldn’t stop screaming. Finally, about 30 minutes later, I took him in my arms and tried soothing him by singing the lullaby I always sing right before he goes to bed (Hush Little Baby). Instantly, he stopped crying and started closing his eyes! He was tired!! All that crying drained him. So, I took him in the room, turned off the lights, rocked him in the rocking chair while singing Hush Little Baby. He fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. And without nursing! He went a whole day without nursing! The next night I tried the same thing- rocking him while singing but he wouldn’t have it. I think that other night he was so worn out from crying that he didn’t care. So, I replicated our nap time routine, which is reading a few books, goodnight kiss, and placing him down in his crib. And that is exactly what I did. And to my surprise, there were no tears, no tantrums, nothing. He just went to sleep. I was just mainly amazed by how peaceful and productive our weaning experience was. I hear and read about some ladies who do the “cold turkey” type of wean and I just couldn’t imagine. They say it just takes 3 days for the baby to get over it. Nursing is a very intimate and special gift and to tear it away in one day seems heartless. Harry and I were able to say goodbye to a wonderful season in our lives and say hello to a new season with joy, peace, and contentment in our hearts. And so, I am proud to say, Harry is now 14 months and fully weaned.

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From Baby to Toddler

Davina –

I can hardly believe it has been 13 months since my precious son was born. I still think of him as my baby (which I am sure I always will) but in reality he has transitioned into a TODDLER! I refuse to believe this so I consider him more of a Babe-ler. Half  “baby” half “toddler”. But when I am honest with myself, I do see how much he has matured. Not only his physical appearance has changed drastically but everything else!! He walks like a champ, getting into everything. He has a “do it myself” mentality. He just recently transitioned to the “big tub” (we were using a “transition tub” that is bigger than an infant tub but safe enough for an older baby), he does not protest naps any longer, which is a huge one for me since he always hated being put down in his crib in the middle of the day. He is trying hard to say words, he points to his rubber ducky and says, “Dak!” He points to cars and says, “Ca!”. He brings me his shoes when he wants to go outside. And I started the process of weaning him which is the biggest one for me. I cannot believe how much he has grown and I am so very proud to be his Mommy.

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Behold, He is Coming

Bobby –
“Behold, He is coming!”
“And behold, I am coming quickly.”
“Behold, I am coming quickly.”

“Surely, I am coming quickly.”
Behold, meaning, pay attention, or even, “HEY! Listen up, this is important.”
The Lord has made His home in our hearts. He has given us His Holy Spirit and become to us the God of all comfort, the author and finisher of our faith and our sure, sure reward. His promises are so sure that their fulfillment seem to come in advance of His arrival. But this place, destined for fire, contains these almost-former things: death, sorrow, crying and pain. All of creation groans and we groan too for the day when He will come and wipe away every tear from our eyes and bring to an end these things that are passing away. It is a marvelous promise, isn’t it? Let it sink in, please. “Behold, I am coming.”
The Christian life is lived by faith, not by sight. Our hearts beat for invisible things that are to become visible and our hope is in a Person who we cannot see right now, but who promises His worshippers that He is coming. Therefore, in light of His promise, let us put off the former things and continue to live today and everyday in the newness of life found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yours in Christ.
Further contemplation: He went into a far country to get His bride and returned to His Father’s house to prepare a room for us. Soon He will come back to get us. But THEN he is going to take us and present us to His Father. (Jude 24.)
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The Lord is my Shepherd

Davina –

Today I found this song and it filled me with joy. Psalm 23 is my favorite Psalm, it is refreshing for my soul. Jesus is so good and is our beloved Shepherd. Our Comforter, who leads his sheep to watered pastures. Too many times I fail to remember His loving touch, His kind direction, His gentle voice. I become that sheep that wanders a little too far from the Master but the most marvelous thing is that He never forgets me. His endless mercy follows me and will always lead me home. As I meditate on my Savior and how good He is to me, it makes me want to cry. Words cannot express how lovely He is. His face is so beautiful. His voice is so sweet. His touch is so soft. There is no where better to be than under His wings. I long for the day He will take me home to be with Him. When that day comes nothing will be able to separate me from His perfect love. For eternity I will worship and fall at the feet of my sweet Jesus.


You are my Love, You are my God, You are my Savior. It is You. It is You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank you Jesus for dying on a tree for me. Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus for saving me. You are my love, You are my God, You are my Savior. Thank You Jesus for saving me.


Lord You gave me more than I deserve. Lord You love me more than I can love. Lord You are my Provider, my Savior, my one and only God. Lord you are, my Father, my Jesus, my one and only Love. My precious Jesus you died and set me free. And I just want to praise you! And I just want to love You, and I just want to praise You. I give my life to You. Oh, thank you Jesus.

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Sunday Picnic

Davina –

Every Sunday we go to church, go grocery shopping, then come home and stay home. Every Sunday…our routine was getting a little too routine if you get my drift. So, to change things up a bit, yesterday (Saturday), we did our shopping to free up time after church. This morning I packed up a picnic, which consisted of: fresh strawberries, Gouda cheese, salami, grape juice, and homemade bread (made by Bobby). I was very excited for it! The great thing was we were able to invite some friends from church! We went to a very pretty park, settled under a shady tree, the kids played all around us, and Bobby and I were able to have a lovely conversation with another couple. So wonderful.

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Different People

Davina –

I don’t particularly have a topic to write about.Just felt like writing a post. Today, while Harry was napping, I watched  a couple YouTube videos of “American Idol”. Some people were fantastic and blew the judges away and then there were thosepeople who absolutely couldn’t sing! But the funny thing is that they thought they could sing! They really believed they were talented singers. Me personally, I can sing. But I know I don’t even have half of the talent I would need to be on “American Idol!” … It’s just funny how people think so differently! There surely are some strange individuals in the world. Haha, well that’s all for now.

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Creeper Babysitter

Davina –

OK. So, as usual Harry and I went for our morning walk (Harry in the ergo, usually falls asleep). Well, as we were walking minding our own business this lady with a dog yelled at me from across the street, “HI! CAN I SEE YOUR BABY?!” I was like, “uh…he is sleeping but sure”. So, I walk over and show her (as her dog is being all annoying and smelling me). After she “oohs and ahhhs” over Harry she proceeds to tell me, “That if I ever need a babysitter she could babysit” and full on told me her address. I was creeped out and walked away. And to top off her oddness, as I was leaving she yells, “BYE!!”…I don’t even know what to say to that.

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