Hypocritical Season?

Davina –

Sooo, right now Bobby and I are laying in bed at 9:05pm. He is reading a book from Dick Cheney called, “In My Time” (on our ipad) thus, not talking to me…reading next to him sounds wonderful, I would happily open a book and silently read side by side. Content and at peace reading next to my husband…BUT, in this current season in Bobby’s life (yes, I said season- with him they come and go. No one knows how long they last and what new idea might pop into his head. All I’ve learned is to say, “Yes Honey” and go with the flow) we use candles. One might say, “Well, what is so different about that? Candles are great!” The one big difference between my husband and the average Joe is after the sun goes down, the only source of light are candles. Hence, I wouldn’t have enough light to comfortably read a book. Hypocritically, he reads from the ipad which radiates with light. If we had two ipad’s that would be a different story. Thus instead of laying here staring at the flickering dim light of the candle, I chose to turn on the computer and write this blog.

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