Peck, the Bantam Chick

Davina –

So the other day, Bobby and I went to this cute little country store to purchase more chicken feed 🙂 While we were there we went out to the back and enjoyed looking at all the cute little animals. There were ducks, geese, chickens, pigs, rabbits, doves, and some new birds I never heard of before (different types of chickens). These new (well, new to Bobby and me) kinds of chickens were very odd and cute. Some of them didn’t even look like chickens! While we were casually saying hi to all the animals we stumbled upon three baby bantam chicks! They were little and said, “peep peep!” Sooo cute!!! Bobby, being the adorable man that he is, let me have them 🙂 all three! So, we went home with 50 pounds of chicken feed, two laying hens (giving us 14 chickens in all) and three baby bantams! If anyone knows me, they know that I went crazy over my new babies. Two of the chicks were really shy (well, I guess acted like any other wild chicken) and didn’t let me hold them and ran away when I tried to kiss them. BUT one of my new babies, now named Peck, was rather different. She loves being held! Peck lets Bobby and I hold her, rub her neck, hand feed her, and acts as if she is domesticated! Peck is definitely a cutie. 🙂

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  1. Make peck a house chicken!!

    • but we already have Birdknee!! haha, plus, chickens are too messy lol.

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