Snack a Little, Nap a Little

Davina –

I love being pregnant. Haha, its the only time I can blame a little luxurious food on “the baby wanted it”. Everyone always asks me, “do you have any weird cravings?” I mean, its to be expected that I eat whenever I want, whatever I want…because its the “baby’s cravings” – not mine. The only problem is after the delivery. When the precious tiny child comes into the world and leaves his momma with a tummy full of his “prior cravings”. Haha! I am determined to not let this happen to me. When the baby is out – I do not wish to look five months pregnant (like I have seen it happen to different woman).

Ahh, the joys of being pregnant! It gives me the wonderful excuse to take a little snooze throughout the day without being looked at at being lazy. I mean, its hard work making a baby! Everyone always ask me, “are you tired a lot?” Thats when I give the puppy eyed look, nod dramatically, and say sympathetically, “soooo tired!” Working out in the yard, I put my right hand on my back, my left on my tummy (rub it a little), give a deep sigh – it works like magic! “you look tired! why don’t you go lay down?” It would be my pleasure! I mean, soon enough this baby, instead of “kickn'” will be “screamn'”…and in a blink of an eye my snooze time will be gone.

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