Yummy Cravings

Davina –

Today Bobby and I were reminiscing on our honeymoon and how amazing it was…we got to sleep in everyday, it was stress free, watch movies in bed, and eat out everyday. This conversation reminded me of this hamburger joint we went to almost all the time that week. We ordered the same thing every time. Barbecue cheeseburger. Amazing.

Anyways, after talking about this I had a sudden craving for that exact cheeseburger. Well, I wasn’t able to go out and buy one so I opened the refrigerator and put my mind together. I found tortilla, cheese, chicken, and barbecue sauce. So I made myself a chicken quesadilla with barbecue sauce. It hit the spot. After one bite I was so satisfied. I made two and wanted more so I went back to the refrigerator and found that I had used all the cheese. I thought to myself, “I cant have it without cheese!!” So I opened the pantry and saw the tapioca box. Hence, I made tapioca pudding. 🙂 yummy.

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