A Very Unsuccessful Morning

Davina –

Soo, I get up this morning, eat breakfast at 8:00am, get ready and rush to the car at 8:55am to be at Kelly Elementary School at 9:00am (every tuesday and wednesday I help out in my old 3rd grade teacher’s 3rd grade classroom). Well I get to the school and I notice there are NO cars in the parking lot. “Hmmm, interesting” I think….then it hits me: SPRING BREAK. I turn around and start driving back, slightly annoyed.


Since I am already up I decide to go on a run. I get to my room, change into running clothes, throw on my shoes, say bye to Birdknee, and Im on my way outside. “Its a perfect morning for a run” I think, then Im off. I run maybe 500 meters and I start to gag, “oh no!” I think. I feel like I need to throw up! So I turn around and start running home…I run maybe 3 more steps and its too late. All of my breakfast went from inside me to the floor. I felt the cars slow down and whisper “poor thing”…it was embarrassing and gross. I was forced to walk the rest of the way back: VERY annoyed. Especially since the same exact thing happened to me yesterday on my attempt to run.

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