A Sick Day

Davina –

So, yesterday was in interesting but amazing day. The reason why I say “interesting” is because Bobby and I happened to be sick at the same time! And the reason why I say “amazing” is because he stayed home from work! I got to hang out with him alone all day! Besides the flu like symptoms, it was so nice to have him home with me. We bought these delicious (but bad for you) frosted cake cookies and stayed in bed eating junk and watching documentaries. We watched a little bit of this insect documentary but I was so grossed out with close up videos of ants and seeing them crawling around that reluctantly Bobby turned it off lol. I should get over myself and watch it with him, he thinks its cool. But anyways, we watched this great documentary called “The Star of Bethlehem.” It was about the star that guided the wise men to Jesus (DUH). It talked about how the star was real and shows proof as to which star it was that shined so brightly that night. Check it out at http://www.bethlehemstar.net

Anyways, we were sick all last night but thankfully God healed us today. Meaning, Bobby felt healthy enough to go to work and I feel healthy enough to not just lay in bed all day lol. I still have a really stuffy nose and less energy than normal but im alright. 🙂

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