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Davina –

It’s been exactly 17 days since my wedding. Crazy, huh? Every time I think back to my wedding I can’t help but smile. It was the most wonderful day! Perfect in every way. Being surrounded by those I love and being united with the man of my dreams, what more could I have wanted? I am truly blessed and am so happy.

Currently, we live in San Francisco in a cute little apartment. Bobby, Birdknee, Norbert (our beta fish), Trooper (our goldfish), and I are enjoying our life together. We just got rid of our car, named Delilah. Poor car couldn’t handle the treacherous hills here in the city (she was a stick) so now we are forced to use our legs. 🙂 Bobby runs to and from work and I walk to wherever I need to go…speaking of which, yesterday I had to walk to the market so I took my empty backpack (named Veronica) and headed towards Safeway. It was a lovely walk, fresh crisp air, lovely scenery, people about enjoying the sun, and all downhill! Three annoying things that happened on the way to the store: 1) my Achilles were bothering me 2) I was wearing a black sweater and it was hot 3) while I was crossing the street a woman honked at me! But all was fine and I made it to the store 🙂 I got the ingredients I needed for the meals I plan on cooking and went to check out. The Asian gentleman who was putting my groceries in Veronica was being so rough with my food I was afraid he was going to tear my milk carton so I told him to stop and I gently packed all my things just right. When I put the backpack on my back I felt as if there were a bunch of bricks in it rather than food. Nevertheless I headed back to our apartment. The walk back seemed faster than the walk to the store which was nice. But the main thing that was different was the massive hills! They are seriously ruler straight and with a bunch of heavy groceries on my back. It was a good workout 🙂

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  1. You should write a post about how Trooper got his name!

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